Brian Speer Biography

I am the youngest of three children born to Faye and the late Brock Speer.  I always like to remind my brother Marc, his wife Joyce, and my sister Suzan that they’re older than me.  My wife Allison, however, is somewhat younger than me, five years, which she holds over my head.

My dream vacation is anywhere on the beach, my favorite afternoon getaway is either 9-holes of golf or kayaking the Harpeth Narrows just west of Nashville.  When I kayak, our Schnauzer, Ellie, rides with me and loves to explore the gravel bars and fields along the river.  It’s a great chance for us to get away and clear our minds... at least, that’s what I think she feels.  Allison, Ellie and I walk 3 miles a day and she loves chasing the squirrels... Ellie, not Allison.


What you should know